Building a CMS for investing

Hi, im working on a website ,where the user deposits money and the deposit must be taken from the database calculated interest and output a total , looking for any php code assistance

Hi carrot, are you still working on your project?

Hi newthing, yes I’m still working on the project

@Carrot, what level have you reached. Can u brief me about the project or let me know the stage you’ve gotten to.

@newthing , So to tell you a little about the project, its a money investment website, were you register, deposit money and be able to view the money you deposited, the investment interest and a pending tab where you see your pending deposit and a tab to view your payout dates. so I have managed to make it deposit, calculate investments and show them respectively as well as show them in the pending tab, There is still the admin side to code.

@Carrot, oh. Now I’ve gotten the view of the project. Can I see it function if you don’t mind @Carrot?