Docker Image of PHP 7.3 Compiled from Source

Hello all!

I decided to break down and compile php from source following Sammy Kaye
Powers' videos. After doing this I realized that I could commit the docker
image to docker hub, so that whoever didn't want to go through all the
install steps could just download a ready to go container. Here's the page
for the repo:

The base image is forked from ,
which I went with simply because it had ubuntu 16.04 with apt-get already
installed. I then added all of the packages Sammy did plus valgrind (which
wasn't present for some reason). I will hopefully be adding more
documentation to it - though really you can just go to the docs for

The gist of it (assuming you have docker installed on your machine) is

Of course this image only has php 7.3 on it - so phpqa is still useful for
testing multiple versions without compiling them all - but I'm still not
sure how / if you can get the .out files to inform your test writing.

Sorry for slamming your mailboxes - I hope you find this useful!


Clone Docker Image
1. docker login

2. docker pull otteford/madison-phptestfest-2017-rough

3. docker run otteford/madison-phptestfest-2017-rough

4. docker ps -a
-note/copy the container-id

5. In a separate terminal tab/window
docker exec -t -i CONTAINER-ID bash -l

Leave docker interactive shell: Ctrl-p + Ctrl-q
(I'm not sure this always works)

Run tests:

Run all tests:
sapi/cli/php run-tests.php -P

Run specific test:
sapi/cli/php run-tests.php -P tests/basic/001.phpt

make test TESTS=tests/basic/001.phpt

make test TESTS="tests/basic/001.phpt ext/standard/tests/random"