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In addition, an older how-to for marketing automation is available and Geert-Jan Smits van Flinders previously discussed a case of ABN AMRO here . Recent Telemarketing Lists scientific research by Summers, Smith and Recheck (PDF – paid) shows that behavioral targeting offers a huge opportunity. What opportunities does this marketing technique offer? An implicit social label Behavioral targeting (PDF) involves ‘intelligently personalizing ads for Telemarketing Lists website visitors based on their past behavior’. Research by Beadles (PDF) shows that this can lead to a 670 percent higher click-through rate (CTR) in America. Incidentally, the technique is separate from retargeting , because it is aimed at Telemarketing Lists predicting a next purchase wish instead of repeating a previously (un)made purchase.

This helps show more Telemarketing Lists relevant ads. It turns out that the ads turn into an ‘implicit social label’, which has an important psychological influence on website visitors. It turns out that the ads turn into an ‘implicit social label’, which has an important Telemarketing Lists psychological influence on website visitors. Results personalized- vs. non-personalized advertisement In one of the experiments by Summers, Smith and Recheck, participants were shown an advertisement for a wooden acoustic speaker. Half of them read in advance that ’ the software Telemarketing Lists developed a personalized advertisement based on the purchasing behavior ', while the other half did not see that information.

A distinction was also Telemarketing Lists made between an environmentally friendly and a non-environmentally friendly version, but that is less relevant here. The fact is that the group of participants who Telemarketing Lists saw the personalized version (and to whom this was also made known) were significantly more willing to buy the speaker than the group who saw a non-personalized version. Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 16.51.30 Behavioral targeting as a social label By indicating that there is a personalized advertisement, an implicit social label is created. A social Telemarketing Lists label is an explicit characteristic based on our behavior, beliefs or personality. Earlier research from the 1970s and 1980s shows that we behave in line with those social labels. We allow ourselves to be guided by it.