How to setup smtp in php

can anyone help me config my SMTP in mail.php & .env file?
The codes are pasted below

<?php return [ /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Mail Driver |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Laravel supports both SMTP and PHP's "mail" function as drivers for the | sending of e-mail. You may specify which one you're using throughout | your application here. By default, Laravel is setup for SMTP mail. | | Supported: "smtp", "sendmail", "mailgun", "mandrill", "ses", | "sparkpost", "log", "array" | */ 'driver' => env('MAIL_DRIVER', 'smtp'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SMTP Host Address |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here you may provide the host address of the SMTP server used by your | applications. A default option is provided that is compatible with | the Mailgun mail service which will provide reliable deliveries. | */ 'host' => env('MAIL_HOST', 'localhost'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SMTP Host Port |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | This is the SMTP port used by your application to deliver e-mails to | users of the application. Like the host we have set this value to | stay compatible with the Mailgun e-mail application by default. | */ 'port' => env('MAIL_PORT', 465), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Global "From" Address |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | You may wish for all e-mails sent by your application to be sent from | the same address. Here, you may specify a name and address that is | used globally for all e-mails that are sent by your application. | */ 'from' => [ 'address' => env('MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', ''), 'name' => env('MAIL_FROM_NAME', 'Igniteoptions'), ], /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | E-Mail Encryption Protocol |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here you may specify the encryption protocol that should be used when | the application send e-mail messages. A sensible default using the | transport layer security protocol should provide great security. | */ 'encryption' => env('MAIL_ENCRYPTION', 'tls'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SMTP Server Username |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | If your SMTP server requires a username for authentication, you should | set it here. This will get used to authenticate with your server on | connection. You may also set the "password" value below this one. | */ 'username' => env('MAIL_USERNAME'), 'password' => env('MAIL_PASSWORD'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Sendmail System Path |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | When using the "sendmail" driver to send e-mails, we will need to know | the path to where Sendmail lives on this server. A default path has | been provided here, which will work well on most of your systems. | */ 'sendmail' => '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t', /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Markdown Mail Settings |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | If you are using Markdown based email rendering, you may configure your | theme and component paths here, allowing you to customize the design | of the emails. Or, you may simply stick with the Laravel defaults! | */ 'markdown' => [ 'theme' => 'default', 'paths' => [ resource_path('views/vendor/mail'), ], ], ]; APP_NAME=igniteOptions APP_ENV=local APP_KEY=base64:Bue5bVBMRJBCuYY7ftYjjMolkWvoxRMCcGzdfjhT15g= APP_DEBUG=true APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug APP_URL= DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=igniteop_onlinetrade DB_USERNAME=igniteop_trader DB_PASSWORD=onlinetrade2020 BROADCAST_DRIVER=log CACHE_DRIVER=file SESSION_DRIVER=file QUEUE_DRIVER=sync REDIS_HOST= REDIS_PASSWORD=null REDIS_PORT=6379 MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=localhost MAIL_PORT=465 MAIL_PASSWORD=igniteoptions MAIL_ENCRYPTION=tls PUSHER_APP_ID= PUSHER_APP_KEY= PUSHER_APP_SECRET= TELEGRAM_TOKEN=

Sorry, bro. I Don’t know this, but if you are only looking forward to sending emails, then I bet you can use SwiftMailer. It’s easy to setup without all the hurdles of this mail stuff.

Thank you.