I just need a couple of questions answered!

  1. Is PHP better than NodeJs, and why?
  2. Is PHP dead?
  3. Is PHP still a good programming language to learn?
  4. Whatelse can you do with PHP apart from building websites?
  5. Why do you use PHP?

Let me give a couple of answer too! lol…
2. PHP is not dead. It is still in use and in active development. So that answers the third question (partly).
3. Yup! PHP is the grandfather of web development (or web applications)… lol… It is still a good programming language to learn. You can check on job listings websites and check for php developers. What’s the demand and what’s required of them. This would still tell you that it is a language you still can learn.
4. PHP is not only for building websites as it’s famous for, but also you can develop desktop applications with it which might be complex for beginners.
5. Because it is simple, flexible, and they have a great documentation. I use it because of how easy it also integrates with other web application components.

  1. PHP versus NodeJS? Well, it depends on how you look at it. One thing about NodeJs is that you basically need your knowledge in JavaScript and you are good to go which makes it easy for Js developers to learn. So it is a kind of a single ecosystem. PHP looks outside of the browser and it’s a different technology, but it depends on what you want to do with PHP.