KCPHPUG - First TestFest 2017 Meeting

We had about 10 people show up and I did my best to introduce the concepts
of TestFest.

   - Showed where the tutorials are on phptestfest.org
   - Showed qa.php.net, gcov.php.net, & bugs.php.net
   - Showed the nascent slideshare
   on https://github.com/phpcommunity/phptestfest.org/blob/master/slides/php-testfest-intro.rst
   - Talked about forking off
   of https://github.com/phpcommunity/phptestfest-php-src
      - set up local git
      - clone our fork
      - set up git-remote for phpcommunit/phptestfest-php-src
      - how to sync, via git, between phpcommunit/phptestfest-php-src, our
      fork, and the local clone
      - branching strategies and how to create a branch
   - Talked about the potential for prizes. So far, with 2 submissions
   under our belt, my group is guaranteed to win all the prizes. :wink:
   - Created a coverage test for ext-pspell, then discovered that that
   extension is not installed as part of docker-phpqa
      - Used that experience as an example for why one might want to
      compile PHP from source
   - Looked at a bug and created a failing test for it to prove that the
   bug still exists
      - Talked about how to craft a PR message
      - Created the PR
   - Member John Kary created and pushed to PR the first PR for Test Fest.

Lessons learned:

   - It would have been great to have selected a bug and a code-coverage to
   hit ahead of time.
   - I should have compiled a version of PHP against phptestfest-php-src
   ahead of time
   - I should have created a test & PR against php-src or
   phptestfest-php-src ahead of time, just to have that fresh experience under
   my belt
   - This is a really heavy topic for a regular meetup, especially when
   this is the first meetup attended by some members!
   - This would have gone better had I had the foresight to delegate some
   of these tasks to other senior members of the group

tl;dr: we introduced 10 devs to PHPTestFest 2017 and submitted 2 PRs in 2
hours. Woo!