Newbie seeking help with malfunctioning site on relocation

Hi all,

Firstly I am not very experienced with PHP, all of the work that I have previously done has been ‘written for me’ by Dreamweaver when I have used php.

I have a site that has functioned perfectly for several years, but have recently had to move it to a different host. Since moving it none of the .php pages display and if I view the source code of any php page it is empty.

Both sites are using PHP 5.6.40

The current site is
and the problem pages are the menu and winelist pages

There is for info from the current site and the same page from the previous hosting can be viewed via (at least I hope that is viewable?)

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated please.

Graham :slight_smile:

Please disregard the previous post as I have managed to resolve the issue thanks. :slight_smile: