[PHP-QA] TestFest Suggestions? | Madison PHP Conference

Hi Clinton,

thank you for your message.
First of all, please direct all questions related to PHP TestFest at the
following email: testfest@phpcommunity.org

Thank you also for taking the initiatives to organise a TestFest with your
community via the conference, that's a very great thing to do.

Regarding "what to test", you are free to choose whichever part of "the php
core" you/your community feel comfortable to test.
Regarding material on the how to proceed:
- Please have a look here: https://phptestfest.org/resources/
- I think the team is prepping some slides that UG Leaders/Organizers could
use - we'll communicate that soon.
- Join the discussion and browse similar topics on our Google Group:
- Folks are also on slack: http://slack.phpcommunity.org/ to help/discuss

In the meantime, I am adding "testfest@phpcommunity.org" in the loop so
others can also assist you.

May The PHPorce Be With You!


On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 5:22 AM, Clinton Otte-Ford <ford.clinton@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear QA Team,

My name is Clinton and I’m helping to organize a PHP TestFest event at the
Madison PHP Conference in Madison, WI this coming Friday. As I have not
ever contributed to PHP, and probably many of our tutorial day participants
haven’t either, I would love to hear what you might suggest we work on. Are
there 2-3 tests that would be especially interesting for you?

Let me know what you think. Thanks for all your work!

Clinton Otte-Ford

Madison PHP Conference Co-Organizer
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