Run php on Xampp

Hallo every one,
I am new in php.
I want to run my php file on Xampp.
When i try, nothing happend.
please what can be the problem?

I suggestion your checkout php-fpm + nginx. which provide much better performance.

you can start with docker

First of all, make sure your server is started and running correctly. You can check this in the XAMPP Control Panel. Next, ensure your script is in a location on the server. Let’s assume your script is first.php.
By default, the server’s directory is in C:\Xampp\htdocs
Open the above directory and create a new directory say, ‘test’ (without the quotes).
Put your php script in there and navigate to it in your browser like http://localhost/test/first.php
Ensure your script outputs something to check that it is working.

If this does not workout, then, here are a few things to check.
navigate to http://localhost/info.php
It should give you information about your version of PHP. If it doesn’t, then give me the feedback.

Thanks a lot,

I installed a old version. Every thing same to be ok.

Thanks again

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Your’re very welcome.